Countries that I would really want to visit..

It is one of my biggest dream to travel around the world and visit other countries. So I was searching in the internet for countries and places that would be great for visitation(in the future). I was just so amazed from what I saw. So here the countries that I, personally would want to visit…


    OMG, who would not want to visit paradise. All those mezmerizing beaches to swim in, smooth white sands to cover your skin, those wonderful hotels near the water and many more. It is just amazing. I hope I could go there someday..


     Ah, France.. One of the countries with best cuisines, best artists, wonderful architecture, and a great history. I’m a food lover and I surely want to taste their food there and of course, to visit Paris, the Eiffel tower, Notre Dame de Paris (reminds me of the Hunchback ), Arc de Triomphe, Pantheon and many more. WOW, France just wait for me….


     England, it was actually a childhood dream to visit this country. Because of the Queen, Buckingham palace, carriages, London bridge, the Big Ben, home of Mr. Bean, of Ian Mckellen, Harry Potter and many. Gosh, I don’t know, I just want to visit the country. Oh I almost forgot, I LOVE THE ACCENT..


      All those highlands, rivers, lakes, mountains and castles of Scotland, Oh I wish I was born there. All the sceneries in Glencoe, Lech Ness, Edinburgh castle and come on J.K. Rowling is from Scotland. This is where Harry Potter is born and Hogwarts, let’s not kid ourselves I know we all want to go to Hogwarts..

United States

     Well, I don’t know but I just want to visit this  country. Joke, I do know, I want to visit Mt. Rushmore and see those legendary presidents of the US. I also wants to see Ellen (I’m a big fan). Also, the Statue of Liberty,  the Grand Canyon, the Empire state building, Niagra falls and many more… Hahaha


    One of the most beautiful country. Oh come on Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, Sydney you’ll love this country. Not to forget the islands, the mountains, and the beaches. Kangaroo island, Byron bay, Whitsunday  island, the Surfer’s island, Hiller lake and a lot more… Australia, Australia I’m coming.


       Athens, alright I’m from here. Kidding, my name is Athena so of course I want to visit the country where my mom got my name. Ahahaha. I can’t deny Greece is a beautiful country. All those structures that was built thousands of years ago, so here I would want to visit Parthenon(duh, it’s made for Athena), Acropolis, Temple of Zeus, gosh also Mt. Olympus, Imerovigli village wow I wish I live there..Just you wait Greece….


South Africa 

      The home of many animals that I have never seen in my life. Also, Nelson Mandela came from this country so it made me more interested. hahaha. I would want to go to Cape town, for it’s kind of like being at the tip of the continent, it would be awesome. And there are a lot more than that, so South Africa sèe you soon…

       So that’s it for now ahaha Hope you like it…